1.    BOOTH AVAILABILITY AND WAITING LIST:  When a booth is vacated for any reason, the booth shall first be offered on a priority basis as follows.

A.    The Market will have first priority of any booths.  Use of booth may be for Market functions, special events, or if the reservation office has to relocate a Dealer for any reason deemed to be in the best interest of the Market.

B.    The Market reservation office with then offer vacated booths to neighboring Dealer who have a PREFERRED STATUS with the reservation office.  A Dealer with “PREFERRED STATUS” is defined as a vendor who pays their rent on time, has no complaints registered against them, causes no disruptions with the market, and keeps their booths in a clean and orderly manner.  A “NEIGHBOR” is defined as a Dealer that shares a common booth boundary with the vacated booth.

C.    The Market reservation office will then offer vacated booths to other current Dealers wishing to relocate.

D.    The Market reservation office with then offer vacated booths to new Dealers.

2.    SELLING OR PURCHASING AN EXISTING BUSINESS:  Dealers who wish to sell an existing business shall first notify the reservation office of their intentions.  Only Dealers with a preferred status will be allowed to transfer their booths to a new owner.  A transfer fee of $1000.00 per booth on “A” aisle and $500.00 per booth on the side aisles shall be paid to the reservation office for any change in business ownership.  The transfer fee is not prepaid rent and does not constitute a lease of any kind with the market.  (The market reserves the right to expel any Dealer if deemed in the best interest of the Market.

3.    BOOTH MODIFICATIONS:  Any modifications or improvements to booth areas (including but not limited to such items as dedicated telephone lines, dedicated electrical lines, any special features or improvements) must be approved by the Market Management in writing.  All work must be performed by a licensed contractor approved by the Market.  Prior to any work the Market will provide a written estimate to the Dealer, which the Dealer must accept by written approval and prepayment for all proposed work.  Any improvements that are attached to the concrete or steel shall become the property of the Market.

Maintenance request by Dealers must be made through the Reservation Office and requires at least 48 hours notice to allow the Maintenance Department to schedule maintenance activity.  If access to a locked booth is required, a key must be left with the reservation office or the Dealer needs to be present at the time the work is performed.

4.    DEALER’S MAIL:    Dealers are not to receive mail, courier, freight or other shipments at the Market unless the Dealer is at the Market to receive such shipments or has given the person delivering such shipments authorization and a key to enter the booth assigned to the Dealer.  The Market is not responsible for accepting such deliveries or any items delivered.

5.    NO SHOWS:  All Dealers are required to open their booths on all Market Days.  Dealer’s who experience an illness, or other emergency that prevents them from opening their booth by 9:00 a. m. should call the Reservation Office before 8:30 a. m. on market days if they wish to extend their opening time.  Excessive late openings or early closings or absences or any combination thereof, may result in fines against the Dealer or non-renewal of rent.

In the absence of a phone call, personal appearance or prior notification, a Dealer’s booth space may be reassigned to another Dealer.  “No Show” Dealer booth space will be reassigned at 9:00 a. m.  and the “No Show” Dealer will be deemed to have forfeited all rights, without refund to the booth for the period the booth is reassigned.  Those dealers who have a telephone reservation, but have not yet paid for their space will be considered a “No Show” at 8:00 a. m. on the market day for which they have been scheduled to make payment, unless the reservation office has granted an extension due to prior notification.  The subletting or loaning of booths is prohibited and will result in expulsion from the market.

6.   NO REFUNDS:   The market will not for any reason refund any rental moneys already paid.  If a credit is warranted, it must be used within 30 days or else refund will be forfeited.  Dealers who are “No Shows” and whose space is reassigned shall not be entitled to any refund, or substitute space for the day.

7.   DEALER PARKING:   Dealers with perimeter building spaces will be entitled to park directly behind their booths with the exception of the following booths:

A106A   A106B   A120A  A120B  A120C  A121A  A121B   A121C  A129A  A129B    A129C   A130A A130B   A130C   A143A   A143B  A143C  A144A  A144B  A144C  A155A   A155B   A155C   A156A A156B   A156C   A174A   A174B  A174C  A177A  A177B   A177C  A184A   A184B  A184C   A185A  A185B   A185C   A198A   A198B  A198C  A199A  A199B   A199C  A200A   A200B  A200C   A201A   A201B   A201C   A214A  A214B  A214C  A215A  A215B   A215C  A216A   A216B   A216C   A217A   A217B   A217C   A230A  A230B  A230C  A231A  A231B   A231C  A232A   A232B   A232C   A233A   A233B   A233C   A238     A240     H300     A239A  A239B   A239C   A241A   A241B   A241C   H301      A246     A248      A247A   A247B  A247C  A254A  A254B   A254C

Dealers are not guaranteed parking behind these booths due to the booths locations at the corners of the main and side aisles.  They are, however the only ones allowed to  attempt to park in these areas, and may do so on a first come, first serving basis.  No vehicle should be parked at any fire exit.  Dealers may pull up to a fire exit to load and unload only for a maximum of 10 minutes.  The Dealer’s vehicle should then be parked in a designated parking lot.  Dealers who do not have a perimeter booth should park in a designated parking lot.

Dealers who use the parking area behind their booth(s) to display or sell items will be charged an amount equal to the booth(s) rented.  Those who intend to use the parking area behind any booths rented for anything other than parking must first notify and pay the reservation office.  Dealers who do this would then be required to park in the shopper’s parking lot.

8.    TRAFFIC POLICY:  All Dealers are required to observe all traffic patters and speed limits posted at the Market at all times.  Failure to do so may result in expulsion from the Market.

9.    DISPLAY AREA:  All Merchandise must be dept within the lines of the Dealers booth.  Display racks and boards that are constructed by the dealer must be done in a safe, craftsman like manner.  Dealers are not allowed to attach any fixtures, furnishings, equipment or merchandise to the concrete or metal building in any way.  DEALERS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO BUILD OR INSTALL WALLS ALONG THE BACK OR SIDES OF A BOOTH.   Displays may be attached to market tables but are not allowed to exceed four feet above the table.  Any freestanding displays may not exceed seven feet tall.  The Market reserves the right to disapprove any improvements that are installed without prior written Market approval.  Any work not approved by the Market may be removed by the Market management at the dealer’s expense.  The installation of any canopy anywhere in the Market requires prior approval by the office.  One sign allow per booth to denote the vendor’s name, address, and merchandise sold and maybe no larger than two feet by four feet, and must be secured so the sign cannot swing and damage any part of the building.  All signs must be hung within the boundaries of the rental booths.  Dealers on the side aisles may rent a center aisle table directly in front of a rented booth if the space is available.  Center tables are rented on a first come, first serve basis.  The size of the center table space is three feet by eight feet.  Signs may be hung over a center table not to exceed 18 inches by 24 inches.

Dealers may hang a white, gray or blue plastic tarp behind a booth to protect their merchandise from adverse weather conditions.  TARPS WILL NOT BE INSTALLED IN ANY PERMANENT MANNER OR SECURED IN A WAY AS TO PREVENT EASE OF ACCESS TO THE BOOTH.    The Market management will approve all tarps before installation and will remove any tarps that do not meet these requirements.  Cable to hang tarps from will be installed by Market maintenance personnel only.  Dealers are required to pay for any cables prior to their installation.

10.    DEALER TRASH:  Dealers are responsible for their own trash disposal.  The Market provides dumpsters throughout the market for the dealer’s daily use.  Dealers should not bring trash from other locations to the market for disposal.  All cardboard boxes should be broken down before disposal.  Trash cans located in the aisles are provided for the shoppers and are not intended for the Dealers’ use.  Dealers are responsible for keeping their booths neat and clean at all times.  To this end, dealers are requested to sweep their booths at the end of each market day.

11.    DEALER DRESS CODE AND CONDUCT:  Dealers and their employees must wear shoes and shirts at all times.  Dealers are expected to maintain a clean, neat personal appearance and to be courteous to other dealers, customers, and Market personnel.  No alcoholic beverages shall be consumed by dealers or their employees on the premises during market hours.  Profanity, loud or boisterous noise (including the use of loud speakers, radios, or televisions), and hawking are not allowed.

Dealers are encouraged not to bring pets to the Market.  If a Dealer brings an animal to the market it must be kept behind the Dealer’s booth and away from the shopping public.  Dealers with pets that show vicious tendencies or that present a hazard or disruption to shoppers or other Dealers will be asked to leave.

Dealers’ children must remain with their parents at all times.  Unruly children may be grounds for the Dealer’s expulsion from the market.

12.    BANNED ITEMS:  Ammunition, fireworks, sparklers, explosive materials (including pop caps), dangerous, poisonous, hazardous, inflammable, or toxic substances, are banned from the Market.  Similarly banned are illegal dugs, drug paraphernalia, pornographic or x-rated materials, alcoholic beverages, (except with written approval of The Market) stolen items, unlicensed or counterfeit items.  Such items are not to be introduced, sold, purchased, traded, or exchanged in any way or permitted on the Market premises.  Birds, fish, and reptiles must be kept within the confines of their cages, aquariums or terrariums at all times and must be delivered to buyers in similar containers suitable for transfer and transport.  No animals should be left in a booth during the week.  Any animals left during the week will be confiscated and turned over to animal control.

13.    DEALER PROPERTY LIABILITY:  The Market is not responsible for any Dealer property that is stored, delivered or offered for sale at the Market.  Dealers are urged to store property on tables, racks, or shelves.  The Market is not responsible in any way for lost or damaged merchandise.  All losses are the sole responsibility of the dealer.  Furthermore, the Market is not responsible for any liability arising neither out of the acts of dealers, their employees, customers, or guests nor from any injury sustained by any person in the course of any type of dealer interaction or transaction.

Dealers are responsible for their own insurances coverage and should obtain their own property, liability and workers’ compensation insurance.  Dealers agree to hold harmless the Market for any damages sustained by the Dealer.

14.    TAXES AND LICENSES:  Dealers must comply with all state and county license’s and Tax remittance requirements as well as all ordinances and laws.  Florida sales tax must be collected on all tangible sales.

15.    SALES AND REFUNDS:  Dealers not offering refunds are required by state law to post visible signs that clearly state the Dealer’s policy regarding the Dealer’s “NO REFUND” or “LIMITED REFUND” or “EXCHANGE ONLY” policy.

16.    FOOD AND BEVERAGES:   No sale of food or beverages for the consumption at the Market will be allowed, except those food and beverage items sold by the Market itself.    Packaged bulk food and produce may be sold for consumption off the Market premises by dealers as long as the dealers have complied with all licensing and other requirements of governmental authorities, and goods are packaged in quantities of one-half pound or more.

17.    COMPETITION:  The market’s product protection policy is a courtesy that the market extends to all “PREFERRED STATUS’ Dealers.  The courtesy will allow these Dealers to protect one item that they sell.  The market will attempt    to keep exact and identical items at least five booths apart.  Dealers who maintain “PREFERRED STATUS” and wish to protect an item should fill out a product protection form available at the office.   Disputes between Dealers as to exact and identical items, whether the Dealer qualifies for protection or the number of booths apart, will be resolved solely by the Market management’s discretion.  In cases where it is determined that there has been a product infringement; the Market management will rectify the situation at our earliest convenience.

18.    MISCELLANEOUS:    Any violation of any local, state, or federal rule or regulation shall be considered a violation of the Market’s rules and regulations   Violators are warned that the Market will cooperate with law enforcement authorities in their efforts to prosecute such violations.

The Market reserves the right to expel any violator without notice, if any of these rules and regulations is not observed.  The severity of the violation, the frequency of the violations and the number of violations are all factors that will be considered in the decision to expel a violator.  Willful violations will result in immediate expulsion.  All expulsion decisions are at the sole discretion of Market management.  In the event of expulsion there will be no refund of any booth fees or other fees paid.

These Rules and Regulations are intended to be guidelines for operation and behavior.  It must be remembered the Market is a community of dealers and customers.  Within any community, a cooperative attitude must exist for the body to enjoy success.  The Market reserves the right to amend, change, modify, and add rules from time to time, as it sole discretion and for any reason.  Such changes become effective upon the earliest posting of the notice at the Reservation Office or upon mailing to Dealers.  Should there be an infraction of the Rules and Regulations and/or other Dealer disputes, the decisions of the Management shall be final.