Dealer Information

Reservation Period: Space may be reserved on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.  All dealers must pay their rent prior to setting up.  Double rent will be charged any dealer who sets up without paying.  All booth rentals are subject to the Rules and Regulations of the Market of Marion.  All booths are a minimum of 11 feet deep and 10 feet wide, except “A” row (center aisle) booths that are 8 feet deep and 10 feet wide.

Weekly and Monthly dealers are required to pay their next weekend (or month) rent in advance on Sunday by 5:00 p.m. (monthly payment is encouraged).  Dealers who fail to pay their rent on time and when due will be charged a $5:00 per booth late fee.  Daily Dealers may re-rent the same booth(s) only if available and on a first come, first serve basis.

The Market reserves the right to refuse booth rental to any person dealer at any time when deemed in the best interest of the Market.

Please see current Rental Rates on the Supplemental Rate Sheet.

ELECTRICAL SERVICE:  Electricity is provided at most booths for the exclusive use and convenience of the Dealer occupying that space providing that the dealer has prepaid his electric fee to the market.  The fee structure, which includes providing the electrical service and the Florida Power charges, are listed on the supplemental Rate Sheet.  The center aisle fan/mister systems were installed for the benefit and comfort of the shopping public.  The fan/mister system will only be operated on Market Days.  Dealers may bring and use their own fan during non Market Days.

Items such as electric heaters, air conditioners, coffee pots, hot plates, etc, require the Market’s written approval prior to use.  The use of extension cords in the Market is prohibited by the Marion County Fire Marshall.  Dealers may be required to run a separate circuit at their expense to accommodate their needs (See Rule #3).  Any Dealer who uses electricity without first paying the minimum fee will be in violation of the Rules and Regulations and will be subject to a fine of ten times the minimal published daily rate per day for every day that electricity is used when a fee is not paid.  The availability of electricity is based on demand and may not be obtainable at certain times.

TABLE RENTAL:  One table is provided free of charge to each booth.  Extra tables are available on a rental basis.  The fee is $2:00 per Market Day or 1:00 per day on a monthly basis. Anyone using a table from another dealer’s booth or an unoccupied booth will be subject to a fine of 10 times the daily rate.

SHED RENTAL:  All storage shed rentals require $25.00 set up fee.  The Market assumes no responsibility for any vendor’s items let at the Market or in a Market shed.  Storage sheds are available on a weekly rental basis.  Current rates are listed in the Supplemental Rate Sheet.

CENTER TABLES:  Dealers in Aisles “B” “C” “D” “E” “F” “G” “H” and “I” may rent the area in front of their booth for a center table.  These areas are available on a first come, first serve basis.  The size of the space is 3 feet wide and 8 feet long.  Dealers who exceed the 8 foot length will be charged for another space.  Dealers are not allowed to exceed the 3 foot width.